An Opportunity For Less Doing Leaders: 

Hey Leaders! It was great sharing with you a bit about what I do, and how it can help you perform better in your business and life. If you'd like to learn more about how I can help unlock your full potential, become the best version of yourself, and perform on demand, then click the button below, fill out a short survey, and we'll book a free 30-minute strategy session to see if my coaching would be a good fit. 

Success Stories

When I began working with Elliot it seemed like I was at the top of my game, but could I sense that there was still more room to grow and something was holding me in check. In working with Elliot, I have eliminated a lifelong resistance that I didn’t even realize I had, which has allowed me to benefit both personally and financially.

Scott deMoulin

Destiny Training Systems

As an elite athlete, training the body is a given, and it wasn't until I had to face and overcome a head injury that I realized training my mind was just as important as the physical component.

Elliot has helped me work through the anxieties that came with my injury, and has guided me to paint a clear mental image of success that has aided in my return to the top of the podium once again.

Brittany Bowe

Olympic Bronze Medalist

Making the WSOP Main Event Final Table is every poker player’s dream, and it’s hard to understand the pressure and intensity of the moment until you experience it yourself. Working with Elliot allowed me to stay calm, maintain focus, and execute the plays that led me to win it all for $8,150,000.

Scott Blumstein 

2017 WSOP Main Event Champion

Everyone, wherever they are in their career can find parts of themselves to level up and improve. Working with Elliot has helped me understand my subconscious drivers in a new way enabling me to continue progressing forward. I’ve also recommended Elliot to friends and business associates and the feedback has been excellent. If you're looking to reach the top but feel something is holding you back it’s worth seeing if Elliot can help. 

Eric Worre

Go Pro Recruiting Mastery

After not getting selected for the national team and dealing with injuries, I wasn’t in the right place mentally. My mindset improved immediately after our first session and I’m able to reach new levels of performance and focus because of my work with Elliot. It’s been invaluable and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to self-improve.   

James Haskell

Elite Rugby Player

Why Work With Elliot?

  • Perform Under Pressure: Access “Performance On Demand” so you can be at your best when it matters most.
  • Become The Best Version Of Yourself: Remove the mental roadblocks preventing you from achieving your full potential. 
  • Make Better Decisions: Master your emotions so you make your best decisions in the moment rather than mistakes you will later regret
  • Be The Leader Others Willingly Follow: Gain the confidence, self-control, and vision that is required to lead those who depend on you.
  • Master Your Motivation: Tap into the deepest levels of your motivation, so you wake up each day ready to pursue your mission.
  • Develop A Championship Mindset: Champions are resilient, disciplined, and focused. Use this mindset to achieve great things in business, competitions, and life.